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The Summer Re-Mix

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Hello Gems!

For some of us Summer 2020 is coming to an end and for others its just beginning. Which ever side of the Summer you are on, we still have time for a little end of summer inspiration!I love to mix and re-mix fabrics, patterns and prints. It creates something new, unique and original that stands the test of all trends and fads. Its also a great way to destash! 😉

I try to keep it simple when I mix prints always keeing in mind to pull out colors from my busiest print when trying to match another print. An easy way to ease into print mixing is by mixing a polka dot or stripe with a floral. I find the combination works effortlessly together.

One of my favorite garments to make each season is a wrap dress. Each season I manage to add one or two wrap dresses to my wardrobe. They are truely iconic and also a easy canvas for a print mixing garment.

This summer, with all the puff sleeves and ruffles dancing in my head, I almost didn't get a chance to make my summer wrap dress. ALMOST! 😉

I've been inspired by many of Cecilie Bahnsen's pieces this past season and fell in love with the ruffled and elastisized edges of some of her creations. This inspired the elastic edged bodice and waist on this wrap dress and gives it a bit of whimsy with added spaghetti ties.

I hacked


to get the look. My choice of fabric, the recently acquired, beautiful, NEW tropical print fabric from

, and a ditzy black and white polka dot fabric remenant from a previous project. These two fabrics were calling to each other, so I had to bring them together for the re-mix.

Around this time of the year, I usually have lots of remenants and left over fabric from Summer projects that I like the try to use before the temperature changes too drastically. And I love mixing summer prints and creating unique tops, skirts or dresses.

I managed to bring this top together by doing a little end of season deatashing and spring decluttering. I used

to create this wrap top. It has easily become one of my most worn tops in my closet! As Im sure my re-mixed dress will be!

Print mixing never gets old and by using classic garment silohettes and prints that never fade from style such as; florals, polka dots, stripes, leopard prints, plaids... you can create a garment that becomes a forever favorite in your closet.

P.S. Don't forget to check my previous post on the

Until next time!


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