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Monochromatic Red DIY look & The Alba Wrap Skirt

February is only two days away, and Im in the mood for a little red! I've mixed the old with the new to create this monochromatic red look, and Im really feeling the vibes.

I love it when I can put my layering skills to use to bring new life to my wardrobe! For this look, I pulled out a red lace dress that I created two years ago for Valentine's Day! I still love this piece. This lace dress is a self drafted piece that I always consider for layering since the fabric is light enough to pack on the layers. Lace and mesh pieces are great for this in the fall and winter.

Another piece I love to have on hand this time of year, or any time of year for that matter, is a long tench! I created this red lightweight trench two or three years ago as well. It's made of a lighter weight suiting fabric, but it's auch a classic piece that it never goes out of style. I used a couple of different trench features to bring this piece together and even added a few of my own, like the pleated cuff and the puff sleeve. If you haven’t added a trench to your wardrobe yet, I definitely think you should. They are great finishing piece.

But Im not finished! I added my New Alba Wrap Skirt Pattern to the look. I love this skirt over the lace dress. The Alba Skirt gives just enough edginess to the look and the lace peeks through at the hem, which is such a cool effect. If you're looking for a chic yet edgy skirt. The Alba Wrap skirt is giving it, and there are more than a few style variations to consider with this pattern, which I will be sharing more on my socials and YT soon.

I topped this look off with what I know will become one of my favorite accessories! This gorgeous tan DIY bag from They are known for their trendy and chic bag kits and finished pieces. This nag was inspired by the infamous Berkin bag, and it's such a gorgeous accessory! I enjoyed creating this bag. The saddle stitches were more handstitching than I expected, but it was so worth it for the wnd product. I can't wait to create another popsewing bag.

Hope this look inspires you to reinvent some of the garments in your wardrobe! It only takes one piece to give a garment new life!

That's all for now!

Until Next Time 💋

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