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DIY Athleisure Set

Hey Guys! Lately Ive been feeling a good monochromatic look! This time how about a little Athleisure featuring Nylon RipStop fabric in a vibrant Royal Blue. Now I'm not a sweats and t-shirt type of person but I do like to be comfy! This time of year I tend to level up on my sports gear and lounge pieces by adding my own extra flare to them and this project has got to be one of my favorites yet! 

At first glance of this fabric I thought tracksuit and sportswear. Maybe an anorak and definitely a pair of cargo pants. I decided to create something a little bit different but still give that sports wear vibe. I used a mix of pattern inspo to come to this piece but my base pattern included a Vogue shirt pattern.

If you know me from social media then you know I love a good corset moment and the zipper front and built-in corset on this piece has me at “Hello”.

In order to give it that sporty vibe I added a hood and high collar to the piece. Although, I only added the high collar because my zipper was too long and I didn't want to pull teeth to shorten it.  I love the way the extended collar turned out. Sort of like serendipity in a way! 

The sleeves were the last piece for me. I knew I wanted a bishop-like sleeve, a statement sleeve if you will. I originally wanted to add elastic to the wrist hem but after trying the look on, decided a loose sleeve on this one really set it off. And of course that final touch, the flange at the shoulder that I love to add to my pieces. It's like the cherry on top!

For my cargo pants I used pattern Simplicity for the base because I wanted to have an elastic waist. I added my own cargo pockets and left the hem loose to coincide with the sleeves. 

If you ever sewn with nylon ripstop fabric before then you know there is no give to this fabric and the ends fray and fuzz up almost like cotton so definitely make sure your measurements are correct. I had to adjust a little bit in the hip and but area to where needed there to be a little more give. I also used bias tape on some areas and used my serger for other areas.

I've only ever sewn with a Nylon ripstop type fabric once before and it actually had a little stretch to it. I enjoyed working with this fabric. There are so many possibilities for this fabric not only for sportswear.  I look forward to exploring more with this type of fabric.

Until Next Time!


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