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Hello, I'm Marcia


A wife, mother of three, style & fashion lover, designer, entrepreneur and stylist. I design and create and sometimes I like to Blog about it!  I Love fashion!! I've always loved fashion! Being able to express myself through the art of style is both liberating and satisfying. Especially when I can create the look I desire!  I learned to sew from my mother at a very young age!  Growing up, I would make my own cloths... anything to express my individuality! I love bold prints, bright colors, but also treasure the simplicity of minimalist items with simple lines and iconic structures! 


I enjoy mixing thrifted pieces, quality vintage items and even high end accessories with my DIY pieces to create unique wearable looks! I don't like to get stuck in trends but I am known to incorporate a few trends of the season into my wardrobe...sometimes they are just that good! Especially if its plucked from the 70's; An Era of undeniable iconic style!


Keechii is my declaration of  individuality and personal style! I want to share, encourage and inspire you to embrace your own individual style. Hopefully by sharing a bit of my style tips, DIY tools , favorite fashion trends and sewing patterns to build on,  I will inspire you to become the author of your own lookbook!





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