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Spring 22' Color & Prints To Wear

Yes, Ive been obsessed with colors this season, especially, vibrant bright colors. But can you blame me? This trend of bright colors hit the scene early Fall and it seems that the trend for bold colors has only been growing. However, not only are we wearing bold monochromatic looks and pops of color but we also see more artistic play on colors this time of year.

There is no doubt the bolder brighter palettes have us turning our heads but we haven't completely turned our backs on enchanting pastels either. We have celebrated pastels for Spring for many years now and we continue to see pastel palettes on the scene in ombre, tie dye as well as solid looks.

Many designers have jumped on the color train for the season offering bold floral prints, abstract prints in bright color palettes. Not to mention bold monochrome looks. But I have especially been obsessed with designer label Olivia Rubin and her candy striped rainbow collection. Her pieces offer an array of fun, whimsically chic rainbow combos that are enchanting and a joy to wear.

This seasons beautifully artistic display of color comes up in ombre looks, tie dye designs and abstract displays of Art. With a wide variety of garments to choose from; like skirts, suits, dresses, pants, tops and even swimwear, Its not hard to get into to these colorful palettes. So if you are looking to add more color to your wardrobe. My suggestion is to start with one look and build on to it.

Creating some of these looks for you self can be quite fun with the right fabrics or even dye. No artistic talent needed. To DIY these looks on your own in ombre, tie dye or painting, does offer a little more individuality to your garments and you can put your own unique touches on your wardrobe. Either way, DIY or RTW, you can't go wrong with color and artistic prints this time of year.

Marcia 💋

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