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Puff up the Volume | Let's talk Puff Sleeves

Hello Gems! Ive created my share of puff sleeve garments and I want to share with you all the styles that Ive created along with a few tips on this trend.

Recently, the puff sleeve made a comeback and I immediately fell in love with the style. Surprisingly, seeing as puff sleeves have never really been my cup of tea in the past. But I can't stop to wonder... "did this trend really go away?.. or did it just fizzle to the side for a moment? Maybe it was disguised under another name like "statement sleeve"! I feel like its been here all along, waiting to be noticed! Either way, its here now and I here for it!

Now I know everyone isn't on board with the puff sleeve! But for those of you who have embraced this style , I have a treat for you.

I have created a free ebook just for you. Just a little guide to assist you on your next "Puff Piece". At first I was going to write a Blog about it but I felt like this trend deserved its own book.

There are a lot of different styles of puff sleeves. Some of them may go by different names and some of them are so similar they go by the same names...if that makes since. Either way, in my e-book I will share with you some tips on the ones I am familiar with and more. So if you are looking to expand your "Puff Pieces" and experiment more with these beautiful voluminous sleeves that we can't seem to shack check out this Free E-Book "Puff Up The Volume" Now!

Link to ebook:

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