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Neoprene Scuba Swimwear & Cover Up /Tutorial

I'm getting ready for the Summer with Resort wear looks, and what is Summer Resort wear without swimwear? has provided a great selection of swimwear and performance fabrics to create a stylish neoprene swimsuit and lightweight cover-up. I chose three coordinating fabrics and mesh lining to bring this look together, and I am sharing a step by step on this look with you.

For my one-piece swimsuit I pulled inspiration from swimwear looks by Cynthia Rowley and added my own touch with a zip up front and flounce sleeves. For this look I chose a more sturdier fabric to hold the construction of the flounce sleeve and give the suit a little more structure. Neoprene stretch scuba in coral and a contrasting red was perfect to create a cool color blocked look.

To construct this piece I used Simplicity Pattern 8928 as my base pattern. I added a 7 inch closed zipper and used 3/8 inch elastic for my leg, arm and neck openings.

For this swimsuit I cut the front and back pieces of the swimsuit pattern and used the flounce from the dress pattern for my swimsuit flounce. I also cut the mesh lining in the front and back pieces only.

*Be careful not to pull or snag the fibers of the Neoprene Scuba when cutting, it could leave unwanted knicks in your fabric. Make sure your cutters are sharp and rotary blades are changed.

I first stitched the front shoulder and corresponding back shoulder edges together with the front sides facing.

Next, starting 7.5 inches down the front seam, I pinned and stitched the flounce to the front and around the shoulder and back on each side matching edges.

Then I folded back 5/8 inch on the front seam edges for the zipper and with the bodice front faced down I placed the zipper faced down on the seam, edges matching and pinned zipper tape to seam allowance. Using a zipper foot I stitched the zipper in place about 1/4 inch from the zipper teeth.

I topstitched the zipper seam with a zig zag stitch leaving flounce free.

Next I pinned and stitched the back seam, side seams and crotch matching the raw edges.

I stitched mesh lining pieces the same way I stitched the scuba front and back pieces.

Then with wrong sides facing I matched the edges of the lining and scuba suit and pinned and stitched the lining to the suit keeping flounce free.

Next, from the wrong side of the suit, I used the overlock stitch to install my elastic by matching the edges of my measured elastic to the raw edges of the leg opening. I pulled the elastic slightly as I stitched.

To finish the elastic edges I folded the elastic over onto the wrong side and zig zag stitched the raw edge down at the edges.

Then I topstitched the elastic at the outer edge about 1/8 inch from folded edge.

* I repeated these steps for the elastic in the remaining leg opening, arm opening and edges of the neckline and back.

Finally to close the lining around the zipper I folded in the edges of the mesh lining and slipped and stitched the opening closed at the zipper.


This look would not be complete without the coordinating cover-up. I chose a Telio Pandora Rayon Poplin fabric for this piece. It has a beautiful bold large scale floral print. It's a lightweight drapey fabric and makes a great beach cover-up. I went with a sarong wrap style to pair with my neoprene suit, as not to interfere with the volume of the flounce on my suit. Thanks to all of you that suggested the wrap over the kimono style in my Instagram post. It is a very versatile choice! Mainly it can be wrapped around the waist leaving the flounce free. I think this style is best suited to pair with my suit particularly.

To create the Sarong I cut two rectangles

45 × 64.

Using my curved edge ruler I cut the bottom corners of both pieces on a curve.

Next I pinned the two pieces together front facing, matching raw edges.

Stitch edges, leaving an opening to turn the Sarong inside out.

After turning the piece right side out I gave it a press around the edges.

Lastly, close the opening using a slip stitch.

The Sarong is a classic cover-up style and I love how the piece came together with my neoprene scuba suit. The color combo paired so well together. This look is great for lounging on the beach or pool side while staying ready for a quick dip!

Until Next Time!

Marcia 💋

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So Very Jo
So Very Jo
Jun 06, 2022

I love everything about this suit!!!

Keechii B
Keechii B
Jun 06, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Jo! I had fun creating this swimsuit. You should give it a go!!

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