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Organza Pull Over Dress

There is something about organza that gives enchantment and magic! It's a happy fabric, and you can find it in an array of colors. I guess this is why we usually see it used in wedding dresses and evening wear. However, working it into everyday wear, if you dare, can create a certain edge and upgrade your whole look.

Organza is a lightweight transparent material, but instead of being soft and drapey like chiffon, it is stiff. It holds shape and is perfect for garments that require structure. It folds and usually serves up bold!

I created a tiered pullover dress from this beautiful irradecent organza from KiKis Textiles. It's the perfect material for a showstopping accent piece. I went for clean volume with large deep pleats rather than puffy volume that gathers usually give.

For me, this dress serves more as a cover-up or accessory to layer over other garments. It's the perfect modesty piece when you want to wear bodysuits, or tight-fitting garments but dont want to put your body on display. Organza is a breathable fabric that would make this piece a great bathing suit cover-up too.

A few notes on sewing and caring for organza; French seams make it clean, rolled hems make a great finish and organza wrinkles easily so if you press use the lowest setting on your iron (for synthetic fabrics) possible.

Until Next Time!

Happy creating! 💋

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