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My First Indie Pattern! Get the Tea

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Hi guys,

It's been a while since I've dropped in your boxes, but I have some exciting news. If you've been following me on Instagram, you may have heard that I have been working on my first Indie sewing pattern. For those who are new to sewing or are just here for the fashion, an Indie pattern is "a sewing pattern made by an individual or a small company and not by the large corporations and companies that sell their patterns in big box stores." Basically, an Indie designer is someone that operates on a smaller scale than the big companies."

But you may ask, "Don't you design patterns for KNOWME Patterns?" Yes, I do, and I love being a KnowMe designer. Producing Indie patterns gives me the opportunity to give you guys even more patterns to create from and I have so many designs and ideas I would like to share.

I've been working on my pattern making skills and all the elements that go into producing a digital sewing pattern for about two years, and there have been many trials and errors. In fact, as the industry changes and more technology is introduced, I am still learning.

The movement for sustainable fashion is growing, and creatives and individuals alike sew their own clothes or clothes for others for different reasons. I just want to help provide as many fashionable options and tips as I can to inspire and assist you on your creative journey.

With all that said, July 20th I will be releasing my fist Indie Pattern design, Sia Dress Pattern. Sia is a strapless A-line dress with a corset style bodice and a zipper front. She comes in three length variations providing a variety of style options and alternative design options. The dress comes with hidden pockets in the front seams and a belt. Sia comes in sizes 10-20.

The pattern includes A4/letter PDF (for print at home), A0 copy shop file, projector file, instruction booklet with step-by-step sewing tutorial. You can get it HERE .There will also be a sew-a-long video provided on my Youtube Channel HERE . So, don't forget to follow me on Youtube and turn on notifications to be notified when the Sew-A-long is live.

I am so excited for this release and look forward to seeing your creations too. If you do decide to make a version of the Sia and share on IG, I would love to see it, so don't forget to tag me @keeciibstyle and add #Siapattern .

Happy Sewing 💋

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