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Mood Fabrics: Vintage Inspired Fashion made Modern

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Hello Gems! Its nothing like a vibrant fabric and a beautiful silhouette to get you in a good Mood! This month kicked off my collaboration with the infamous Mood Fabrics, Project Runway’s go to fabric store. I am so excited to be apart of the Mood Sewing Network (MSN) for the next few months to share with you a few of my favorite looks using Mood fabrics and some of the awesome features Mood Fabrics offers.

I love iconic prints and paisley prints are one of my favorites so I couldn’t resist Mood’s Exclusive Sublime Swirling Viscose Twill. Its a gorgeous paisley print on a yummy blue viscose twill fabric. Its pretty light weight but not sheer, super drapey and has a smooth feel. This fabric was perfect to create my favorite paneled circle skirt, McCalls pattern 8005, which I believe to be discontinued. However, Mood Fabrics provides the perfect circle skirt calculator to replicate this silhouette. The pattern is created with vertical panels that connect to create a long flared circle skirt. When paired with a drapey fabric such as this one, it creates a gorgeous fluid skirt that I am all the way here for. I paired this skirt with a turtleneck and a headband made from skirt fabric remnants. This fabric would also make a lovely spring dress, wide leg culottes or blouse.

My second look for January Is made from a very vibrant Mood Exclusive Wavy Pigmentation Slubbed Viscose fabric. This fabric gives me bohemian feels with its exotic print and color coordination. This is another great light weight fabric. It creates a little drape but having a slight crisp feel too it. I finally used my Simplicity pattern 8875 for this fabric and created this lovely 70’s inspired look. I did not make many changes to the pattern, however I did decide to add an extra ruffle to the hem and featured a shirred cuff that was not part of the original design. I love this little detail it adds to the vibe and brings texture and interest to the sleeve. This added cuff is very simple to create and can be added to almost any sleeve. I will definitely be trying this again on another garment. Maybe I’ll even share a tutorial! 😉

My most recent piece and third Mood Fabric feature for January features a bold, luxurious fabric from Mood Fabrics. For me, this print is reminiscent of 70’s, 80’s Hollywood Glam. This fabric is Moods Exclusive Hot Coral Elaborate Eminence Polka Dotted Viscose Jacquard. The gold and white on Coral is a rich combo and makes for a beautiful statement piece. It has a light handle, very drapey, with a little bit of slip to it like satin. Its so comfy to wear! It slides on like butter. For that matter, it could also be great for a robe or pair of pj’s but for this look I went for one of my favorite patterns, Simplicity 8084! This is my third time creating this pattern. Its such a great piece! However for this look I went a little more “renaissance” on the sleeves. I created a bishop like sleeve with an elastic wrist. I also added a mock tie string to the sleeve hem as an added feature. It adds a more “vintage” feel to the ensemble and plays in well with the already drawstring waist, which is part of the original design. I absolutely adore this make and the fabric!

For January, I think it is safe to say that my personal flair for iconic 70’s silhouettes and prints most definitely came through in the choice of fabrics from Mood Fabrics and the looks that I created with them. Mood Fabrics provided a great selection for this! Well, you know what hey say…

“You can take the girl out of the 70’s but you can’t take the 70’s out of the girl!”

I love how each look came together and look forward to re-mixing these looks and prints into my current wardrobe.

Stay tuned for more Mood Fabric selections and inspired looks for February!



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