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Mood Fabrics Features: Spring Coordinating Looks & Fabrics

Hey Guys! Im so excited to be working with Mood Sewing Network this season to bring even more inspiring styles with Moods fabulous fabric selections. As part of this months Mood Fabric feature I created a coordinating ensemble using a mix of both prints and solids . Although my favorite is print mixing, having a bold solid set can be great for breaking up those mixed prints. I chose three fabrics, made four pieces and at least four seperate looks.

With Moods Exclusive Black Bunches o'Blooms Stretch Cotton Twill I had to have a pair of bell bottom pants. This fabric was perfect. With a little stretch in this cotton twill I knew it would be a great medium for my favorite belled pants pattern Vogue 1640. It was the perfect match of print and pattern. I usually reach for a larger scale print but this ditsy floral print worked well as a pair of pants. I didn't make any changes to this pattern other than my usual waist and length adjustments to fit my measurements. Ive made these pants several times already so its a pretty quick sew but Im sure you will find even as a beginner this piece comes together quite easily even on the first go.

The check jacket has to be my favorite piece from this ensemble. I was really anxious to create Mood Fabrics Trillium Ensemble pattern. Not only for the whole look but I was really digging this cropped shirt jacket. It makes a great Top and doubles as a lightweight jacket. And as much as I love a good shirt or jacket cuff, this one is made with out and has a really cool puffed sleeve look. I did create a pleat at the shoulder of the sleeve to add a subtle detail. I used Mood Fabrics Exclusive Movie Night Stretch Cotton Twill for this piece. The large scale check was so bold I thought it would make a great statement piece. The color palette from this print pulled colors from the floral pants so I knew that it would make a great mix. The Trillium Ensemble makes the perfect Spring/Summer short set with so many fabric options. I absolutely loved creating this piece and have already made plans for my next two Trillium ensembles. Its just that good!

I picked up Stratton Hibiscus Solid Orgnic Cotton Twill to create my Trillium Ensemble shorts. This fabric does not have any stretch but are loose enough around the leg and hip area for a curvy figure. I actually love that these shorts do not hug my hips and are so very comfortable to wear.

I made them super high wasted and added about three inches to the hem as I would any pair of bottoms. These shorts have the coolest front cargo style pockets which I was a little leary of because of the placement in the middle of the widest part of my body but I actually love the look. The pockets add flavor to this piece. I can't wait to mix these shorts with other pieces in my closet.

These coordinating pieces would not be complete with out a bustier top. This bustier top was created as sort of a "Frankenstein" project along with a little drafting. I used Butterick 5935 for the main shape, added some of my own seems and binding on the bodice. There is no boning in this bustier top but the binding still makes it very sturdy and secure. I added ties at the shoulder to add a little flare and to make it more adjustable. It zips at the back and has two layers of ruffles added at the sides. I love how it turned out and its a great addition to this ensemble adding feminine flare.

All of the fabrics used in these pieces are cotton twill. I love working with cotton twill and the many projects that you can make with this medium weighted fabric. It holds shape on its own, its breathable, acts like denim but softer and more pliable. Since the weather is getting warmer I look forward to creating more pieces printed and solid with cotton twill.

Marcia ❤️

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