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Mood Fabrics Feature: Destination Inspired looks

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Hello Gems! The weather is heating up and I’ve been so eager to create summer looks but, I must say it's been a rocky start here in North Carolina with it being hot one day and cold the next. Nevertheless, with a few transitional pieces, fun looks and Mood fabrics I’m sure to take on this moody NC weather and usher in the summer with some great pieces.

This month's pieces and fabric choices gave me destination inspiration. My first look was made with Mood’s Exclusive in Bocca al Lupo Stretch Cotton and matching print in Rayon Batiste. This neutrals and zebra print lends a sultry mood and has me longing for Safari destinations, maybe without the lions and tigers. I decided to yield to the mood set by this gorgeous print and create a look that speaks to its sultriness.

For the top I drafted this super easy tie front blouse with billowy sleeves. It consists of an I pattern piece duplicated four times and neckline facing. The back of this shirt mirrors the front and I added a one inch elastic band on the sides of the blouse just underneath the arm for extra support.

I created Simplicity skirt pattern 8019. This is a high-waisted, 70's vintage inspired button down skirt. It is very flattering and pretty easy to create. I love the style of this skirt and the versatility the pattern lends to increasing different looks. I added four inches to the hem to accommodate height.

I stuck with simple accessories with a pop of color for this look. The beautiful contrasting print is a bold statement in itself and I didn’t want my accessories to compete with my look, only enhance it.

For my second look, Moods Fresco Stretch Cotton Sateen takes me somewhere fun and exciting with this jumpsuit mash-up! Maybe to a whimsical fun park or as a tourist on a European vacation. Whichever it may be, with this piece I feel both cutting edge stylish and ready for adventure.

I started this pattern with a bodice bra using McCalls pattern 7969 extending it into a back tie. I added a pleated panel along the bust which was completely unplanned but added such a great accent to the bodice bra piece that it was almost meant to be. So funny how these things come together! I also added a puff sleeve to the pattern because I’m still into it and let’s face it, puff sleeves are still on trend.

I don’t do many jumpsuits but I went for it on this one. I used Simplicity pattern 8635 and extended the front of the waist line into a stem which I pleated and attached to the bodice to create side cut outs on this look.

For my third look this month, Moods Exclusive Tangerine Sundrenched Splash Sustainable Viscose is taking me somewhere warm and exotic. Particularly with palm trees! Love the print on this light-weight drapey viscose. It’s so cool and airy against the skin.

I went for versatile separates for this one and since it’s taking me somewhere tropical Mood’s Silva Top Pattern was a must. This midriff bearing top is a great summer piece. I didn’t make any changes to this pattern other than making tie straps and creating a bow tie for the cleavage. It's great to wear with shorts, skirts, jeans, etc., and it's a very easy to wear piece.

For this look I created a bishop sleeve button up dress using Simplicity Pattern 8837. And I can’t begin to mention the many ways these two pieces can be worn to extend the looks. It can be worn as a cover up, tied into a shirt even converted to a strapless dress. There are just so many ways to wear a button up collar blouse. It’s a great piece to carry if you are just not sure what the weather may bring on your travels.

Since I’m bearing legs in this look I decided to style this look with my gold lace up sandals and gold accessories. I love the way this look turned out and I can’t wait to work these pieces into my current wardrobe, mixing and reinventing different looks.

Until Next Time,


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