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Mood Fabrics Corset Bustier & Linen Look

You guys know by now I can't resist a good corset or bustier. They really are perfect statement pieces. I fell in love with these Mood fabric Square patches and knew right away it would make a great piece to style year round.

So its literally still Summer and although Fall is steadily approaching, I still wanted to make this a Summer worthy look, with breathable fabric and bright colors. I chose Moods Emberglow Herringbone Linen Twill and created Mccalls 8292 pant pattern. Ive really gotten into linen fabrics for the first time this Summer. I use to shy away from it because of its tendency to wrinkle but I love how strong nd durble the fabric is and its so comfortable to wear in hot weather. This linen is a medium weight linen making it great for bottom weights like skirts and pants.

I created view B which is a calf length culotte style of pants. This linen made the perfect fabric for this project. I only made a couple modifications to the pattern. I have created the shorts version of this pattern twice this summer and love the fit. I'm here to tell you the culotte length is even better. For this version, I moved the zipper to the side keeping the front clean and doubled the waistband to create a more high waisted look. I believe these small modifications worked great and l Iove the look.

For my statement corset style bustier I used Moods French Yellow Multicoloured Don't Stop the Music Oversized Square Patch and the Free Spearmint Corset pattern as a base for my piece. I made it more of a corset bustier by dropping the strap, adding a zipper and boning.

This bustier is completely lined. It does take a little planning to make sure the pieces are cut in a way that displays the details of the patch considering every seam you create takes away from the picture. This is th main thing to keep in mind when creating with a piece of art. I finished the bustier with binding which is a nice clean finish and I love the way this look turned out. I can't wait to make them again.

Until Next Time!

Marcia ❤️

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