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Now that Fall is upon us we don't have to ditch bold bright colors. Quite the opposite! This is the perfect time to hold on to beautiful vibrant hues. Moods Exclusive Citrus Collection is definitely giving all the color vibes this season. I was excited to see the variety of prints this collection offered and couldn't wait to add a few to my wardrobe.

I created a two piece coordinating look using a mix of both Moods Exclusive Snack Time Rayon Batiste and Moods Exclusive Zest Friends Stretch Cotton Sateen . Both prints play well with each other and work perfect as seperates which is always a plus. Moods Exclusive Snack Time Rayon Batiste print is a light weight drapey fabric with a cool airyness to it. Its great for blouses and dresses, and its covered with a large scale print of Papaya fruit. What could be cooler right!? Honestly, this fabric had me at Papya fruit, but the color scheme is definitely eye catching playing on some of my favorite color combos in this one print.

My original plan was to create a dress with this fabric but quickly had tp switch lanes when I realized I didn't have enough yardage to complete the dress I had in mind. Fortunately I was still able to create a top from New Look pattern N6718. I added coordinating rib knit trim to the top which was a super easy way to turn this zip up dress into a top. I omitted the front button band and added a small pleat in front instead. Its amazing how only small modifications can change a whole dress into a pull over top.

With Moods Exclusive Zest friends Stretch Cotton I created one of my favorite pant patterns McCalls 8223. This fabric was the perfect substrate for a pair of pants. Its an opaque cotton fabric with a bit of stretch and a smooth supple hand. There is crisp drape to this fabric which doesn't quite fall as most drapey fabrics but gives a smooth movement to these wide leg pants. And how can you resist a large scale dose of citrus fruits. Ive made these pants several times already and they are pretty quick to sew creating a comfortable yet stylish pair of wide leg trousers.

Together these two pieces are a whole vibe. Love the way the two play together and look forward to mixing the two up and creating knew looks!

Until Next Time!

Marcia ❤️

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