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Hooded Knit Wrap Dress: A Wrap Dress Hack

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hello Gems! Recently I shared a version of a wrap dress hack on my social media. I love the outcome of this dress. Its sexy, cool and comfy! Comfort is number one when I start creating my pieces. I am a mother of three and my youngest is two years old, so I stay busy with a rambunctious toddler and tight constricting clothing doesn't factor into that equation.

I started with a simple wrap pattern silhouette New Look pattern 6581. I chose this pattern because it was already cut for stretch knits, it was a simple pattern with out a lot of darts and tucks and I've made this pattern several times and loved the outcome as is.

This stretch knit fabric was in my stash since Hancock Frabics years ago. It is a super stretchy knit and I had about 6.5 yards of it. With such a drapey fabric, there was no choice but to make a beautiful lengthy dress and the tiered ruffle helped me utilize most of the fabric.

My plan was to do a modern take on the red riding hood cape. I drafted my own hood. Do to my big hair, I had to make a much larger hood to accommodate the fullness especially if I wanted the hood to be functional. I mean, what's a pattern hack if the hacks aren't functional. Just sayin 😏.... Last minute I added the draw string. After that the design gave me a couple of style options and it came out even cooler than intended.

I pretty much used every inch of the fabric! Not holding back or being conservative. Like I mentioned, I have had this fabric for quite a while and was happy to finally be creating a garment with it. I love it when a sewing plan comes together even better than you expected don't you? 😘

I kept the styling on this simple! While I could have worn platform heels with this and added huge earrings and bangles. Thats just not me! The way my schedule and life is set up these days, I just can't pull that off with my toddler. So realistically, Im throwing on my Dr. Martens and some low key hoops and letting the dress speak for itself ! But on date night with the hubby this may be a whole other situation 😘! I mean a girl needs options right?😏

Thats all for now!



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