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For the Love of Hacks!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hello Gems! I love February! One of my favorite months of the year. This month is full of love and I just want to celebrate it. In February we pay homage and celebrate Black History also, I have two kids that celebrate birthdays right around Valentine's Day, which makes February even more special.

So since we basically celebrate all through the month of Feburary, I thought it would be cool to do a special Valentines themed wardrobe series! A completely wearable cohesive line of interchangable pieces that I would wear to celebrate the month of love.

Dresses are lovely but sometimes it seems you only get one look out of them and not much versatility. Unless of course its your classic little black dress. As you already know I love versitility and I need it in my life. So I created a dress that I could play with a little.

This look at first seems to be a beautiful skirt and blouse but it is actually Simplicity Dress pattern R10353 . To tell you the truth I cut this pattern with the intention of making a straight forward dress pattern, but as I started putting the pieces together this look took on on a whole new life of its own. So the pattern hacking began!

Don't get me wrong, I love this dress pattern as it is. Its gorgeous and I do plan to make this dress as presented on the pattern because I love the cut but, for this Valentines look I wanted something a little different.

There were only a few changes I made to this pattern to create this look. First, on the neck line I extended the neck binding to create a tie. I felt it gave me the option to wear a more open neckline or tied for something a little more demure. Second, I created a gathered or rouched effect by adding ties on the inside of the skirt. I felt this created a very interesting silhouette and also gave me the choice to wear the hem line higher or lower. Third, the sleeve originally called for elastic around the hem yet I decided to keep the sleeves free flowing.

I styled this look with a pair of palozzo tiered pants (more details on the pants to come) that took this dress to another level. I love the idea of pants under dresses and skirts. This is a easy way to create another look with your dresses. Try pairing it with a a pair of bell bottoms or straight leg jean. This works great with flowy, feminine style dresses. As for shoes! With palazzo pants this look just about scraps the ground and even at 5'11 I'm grabbing my platform sandals for this one.😘

Just sayin....😏

Peace & Love,


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