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Fall Into Trenches: A Timeless Piece Makes a Statement

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Let's talk trenches! Ultimately, a piece that could probably be worn year round, even Summer, with its sleeveless counterpart. Yet, Fall and Spring seems to be the peak time for this classic, timeless piece to make its appearance. It has proven to be a staple in our culture and is not going anywhere. Looking to add one to your collection and want to make it a bold statement? Here are a few of my favorite Trench trends and how I created it!



Oversized trenches and coats have made there way into fashion and I am loving the style. Whether you are wearing your hubby's old trench, thrifting, purchasing a size up or making your own oversized version like I have here, rest assured in this style of trench, "a little big" is just the right size!

This one I created last year using Fibre Mood Martha Trench Pattern. I used a heavy weight denim fabric, between 10oz-12oz. It has a bishop cuffed sleeve with a raglan set arm style. Some of the classic features of the trench I am obsessed with are your epaulets at the shoulder, front rain flaps and a wide collar. You will find most of my trenches will have these features!

Are you into oversized Trenches?

Satin Trench

There is just something about satin that turns a garment up a notch! And a satin trench is a piece that is both timeless and luxurious.

Satin adds femininity and sensuality

to a piece that is originally structured to be rather

masculine. The trench is always re-inventing itself

Animal Print Trench

I love animal print all year long but it seems as if Fall time is high time for these bold vivacious prints. They go with just about anything and even mix well with other prints.

My favorite is leopard print but zebra comes in close second. These are bold classic prints that seem to never go out of style!

I created this one using Style Arc Tracey Fouble Breasted Trench Pattern. I left of the buttons on the front because I love the extra width the double breast gives me but never button then up completely. I usually just belt it. This one comes with a breast flap and I added all my other favorite freatures.

Which animal print is your favorite ?

Bold Colors

Choosing a bold solid color can really make your look pop! Shades such as burnt orange, red, cobalt blue, Hot pink and green can really go a long way as a statement color for outerwear.

I made this red one out of a lightweight Twill and lined it in a taupe lining. Its probably the only trench I've made with lining, but with out the lining this trench would not have held up very well alone.

A good quality Trench can last you years! And as we have seen this timeless classic is going nowhere so whether its RTW or DIY make sure to pay attention to the details!

What's your favorite Trench Style?

Until Next Time!


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