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DIY Tamzin Mini Dress | Birthday Edition

Hello Gems! Today is my Birthday and I created something a little special for today. Using my Tamzin dress pattern from By Hand London . I made a sassy little sapphire blue mini dress and Im loving it! So we all know my love for long flowy dresses and for most of the Summer I have draped myself in long flowy garments that come to my ankles or longer. Well lets just say, I didnt expect to be bearing legs, knees and thighs on my Birthday. So how did we get here you ask???

Obviously the universe had something better in mind lol. 😄❤

My original plan for my Tamzin dress was to add length, a ruffle at the hem, a V-neckline and a puff sleeve of coarse. Well, after realizing not only did I have not enough fabric but, even less width. I knew there was no way I woud be making anything past my knees. As a matter of fact, I almost made a shirt. But thts not what I wanted to make. I thought about trying a different fabric but I was determined to make my Tamzin dress from this fabric. So I said "Screw it, Just do it and figure it out along the way"! And we know how this turns out... the Birth of my Tamzin Mini !

Needless to say, Im happy I saw it through! Sometimes in life we make plans, things happen but that doesn't mean the outcome will be disappointing. There could be something better on the other side if you just stay grounded and see it through.😉

Until Next time,


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