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DIY Quilted Puff Bag

Hello Gems! Its time for another fabulous bag fix! This one is right on trend for the season. Its is my version of the oversized Quilted Puff Bag. The one you have seen worn by some of your favorite Fashion Influencers and Runway models. I love this trend and the character it brings to a look so I had to create one for myself and share how I made it with you guys!

For this particular piece I used remnants of the waterproof polyester fabric that I created my Winter Puff Coat with but there are tons of different woven even latex fabrics this bag can be created from.

Materials Needed:

1/2 yard Bag fabric (two pieces cut 24 x 17)

1/2 yard of light Batting (two pieces cut 24 x 17)

1/2 yard quilting lining fabric (two pieces cut 24 x 17)

1/2 yard Bag Lining fabric (two pieces cut 24 x 14.5)

3/4 yards of 3/4 inch elastic (cut in three 9 inch pieces)

16 inches 1/2-3/4 wide braided cording

1 bag of Poly Fill stuffing

Topstitching thread or Heavy Duty thread (depending on Fabric)

Medium or Heavy Duty Sewing Needle

Tracing Chalk

*OPTIONAL (ribbon, leather trim, or snaps for closure)

1. Lay bag fabric flat with right side up. Cut 3 x 3 squares on bottom corners to create bottom of bag.

2. Repeat step for batting and quilting lining fabric.

3.Draw diagonal lines on FRONT of fabric at desired length apart. Both ways to create squares. (I spaced mine about 5.5 inches apart for bigger squares )

*( Make sure to draw lines on the front side of your fabric. Lines here are shown on the back only to show up for photo)*

4. Layer bag fabric, batting and quilting lining fabric together as shown in picture.

5. Pin through all thickness.

6. On sewing machine stitch ONE set of diagonal lines.

7. Baste ONLY the corners and bottom of the layers and lightly fill with poly fill stuffing as desired.

8. Baste the remaining edges being sure to tuck poly fill in between the fabric while stitching.

9. On the back side of now quilted fabric find the center point and make a 1/2 moon 8 inch across and 3 inch down.

10: Repeat Step 1 for bag lining.

11. Repeat step 9 making cut out 6inches wide and 2 inches deep.

12. With right sides facing match up quilted piece with bag lining and stitch 3/8 inch seam allowance around cut out. Trim

13. Turn seam allowance in with wrong sides facing, corners and edges matching. Lightly press seam and pin bag lining flat.

14. Top Stitch about 1/2 inch from seam.

15. With right sides facing, pin ONE side of lining. Stitch

Also, pin with right sides facing, pin quilted fabric on same side. Stitch

16. With wrong sides facing pin bag lining and quilted bag together with corners matching.

17. At top fold loose unlined quilted fabric 1/4 inch and fold remaining fabric over creating a case over the lining as seen above. Pin

18. Stitch

19. Feed one 9 inch elastic through casing using tool of your choice, pulling through from the opposite side making sure not to pull through completely. Use a safety pin to secure both ends of elastic and casing. Set aside

20. Cut four strips of bag fabric 2 3/4 x 16 inches. Put two strips together front facing and straight stitch 3/8 seam allowance down the longest length, both sides. Turn strip inside out and Topstitch 1/4 inch from seams on both sides. Repeat for remaining two strips.

21. Cut two pieces of braided cording in 7.5 inch pieces.

22. Take one 7.5 inch cord and use a safety pin attached to feed cord through one strap casing.

23.Use safety pins to secure the cording on the ends.

24. Repeat Steps 22 -23 for second strap.

25. Take one end of strap cord and spread the fibers out flat as possible to make it easy for stitching.

26. Pin flattened edge back into casing matching up the raw edges. Pin to secure.

27. Repeat for other end of strap.

28. On the sewing machine zig zag stitch ends of straps through all thickness on both sides.

29. Complete Steps 22 - 28 for remaining strap.

30. Take one end of the elastic from the bag casing and overlap with one end of one bag strap. Zig Zag stitch or straight stitch the ends together.

31. Carefully tuck zig zag end under elastic casing to hide stitching.

32.Repeat on other end of strap.

33. Repeat steps 30 -32 for remaining strap.

34. With right sides facing sew the bottom of the quilted pieces together matching raw edges.

35. Bring together the corners of the quilted pieces to create a straight edge for stitching (as shown in photo) Pin. Stitch close.

36. Repeat step 35 for remains corner of quilted bag.

37. Mark bottom seam of bag about every 6 inches from corner edge to opposite corner edge with a straight pin or marking pen. Creating 3 equal sections. For the elastic, mark about every 3 inches from end to end with marking pin. These marks are where you will pin elastic to bag to create rouching at bottom of bag.

38.Working from one end to the other; Zig zag stitch one end of elastic to one corner seam at bottom of bag. Using a safety pin work your way across the bottom, attaching elastic to bottom seam at respective markings, pulling the elastic taut as you go. Stitch the remaining elastic end to the opposite bottom seam. This is what it will look like once its done!

39. Securely hand stitch elastic in place where safety pins are attached with Heavy Duty thread. Remove safety pins.

This is how the bottom of the bag should look once turned inside out!

*But WAIT! Before you turn the bag inside out, you much complete the bag lining.*

40. Leaving about a 5 inch opening for turning bag out, stitch the straight edge of the bag lining.

41.To close the corners of the bag lining repeat step 35 for both corners of the lining.

42. You can now turn the bag inside out through the 5 inch opening of the lining. If you would like to a snap closure you can opt. to do this before stitching the 5 inch opening close.

Otherwise, Hand stitch the opening close using a slip stitch.

43. If you would like to add ribbon or leather trim as closure like above. Cut two of desired length of ribbon and attach to top edge of bag, hiding stitching in the top stitching.

Voila! You're done! A super stylish Quilted Puff Bag to spice up your next look!

Until Next Time!



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