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DIY Madrid Dress by Coffee & Thread

Hello Gems! As part of The Coffee & Thread Fall tour I have created the beautiful Madrid dress pattern. This is a wrap style dress with a tiered ruffle skirt. Definately my kind of look! A good wrap style dress can go a long way in your wardrobe!

So the plan was to create this dress from a perforated stretch suede fabric which was dyed from beige to red. Although it did not come out as bright as I would have liked it, but I actually love the outcome. It came out this deep mauve pink so, I decided not the let the second piece sit as long in the dye in order to create a ombre or contrasting color grade with the rest of the dress.

Considering I was using a stretch fabric to create this pattern, I had to size down quite a bit, cutting the smallest size, to account for the negative ease of using stretch fabric for this pattern. I did this with the bodice back and front, and the sleeve. I omitted the bodice darts and added two pleats in the front bodice instead. For the sleeve I created a Juliet puff sleeve effect and added a little tulle inside the puff to help keep the shape.

The tiered flounced/ ruffled skirt required creating two additional lining pieces to attach to the layering flounce /ruffles. After attaching the skirt and bodice together and adding elastic at the waist for fit , this is the final result! As my 2 year old would say "TA -DA"!

I must say, I love the way it turned out! In addition to the stretch suede fabric, I ended up adding a light weight stretch crepe fabric to the mix to add some contrast in texture.

This was a great pattern by Coffee & Thread. Even with my own personal additions and alterations that were made, this pattern is a easy one to follow. I enjoyed creating it and can't wait to try this one again. Hope you all enjoy it!!

Until next time!

Marcia 💋

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