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DIY Furoshiki Bag w/zipper

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Hello Gems! Lately I have been obsessed with this beautiful satin Furoshiki style bag with wooden handles from & Other Stories boutique! Unfortunately, its been out of stock online for quite a while and I haven't found any dups of this bag anywhere. So, in true Keechii B fashion I resulted to creating it myself!

( & Other Stories Satin O- ring Bag)

I thought I would share this DIY with you guys in case you want to make this one for yourself. Its such a simple make and its so gorgeous to carry for just about any season depending on the fabric you use. It takes 30 minutes or less to make.

This project has minimal sewing so it is even great for those who don't really have much experience sewing. However, I do suggest at least having access to a sewing machine for this particular bag. Of coarse, unless you plan on handstitching it. So here goes!

Materials you Need:

1 1/4 yard fabric 56"-60" wide

16" -18" zipper

4" or 5" Circular Wooden Handles


Matching thread

Zipper foot (for sewing machine)

Or stitching needle (for hand sewers)

Sewing Instructions:

Fabric should be folded in half with front sides facing and raw salvages matching.

Pin open edges together and straight stitch edges leaving a small 4 inch opening on one of the shorter sides for turning fabric inside out.

Turn fabric inside out. Press flat. Now you should have one 2 layered fabric piece (no need for extra lining). You can close the 4" opening either by slipstitch by hand or top stitching it close to the edge. This opening will not be visible!

On the longer side of fabric mark your zipper placement with pins, leaving about 13" of fabric free from edge to pin on each side (if your zipper is 18"). Just make sure your zipper placement is centered. You can fold edges in to center with corners matching to mark placement more accurately.

Between the markings, pin your fabric to one side of zipper tape, with zipper face up. Fabric edge close to zipper teeth.

Use your zipper foot on machine to stitch zipper to fabric. Open up zipper to repeat this step for other side of zipper.

Now the zipper is in! All the stitching is complete.

With shorter side facing you gather one corner of your fabric and knot it around the wooden handle.

Take the other corner from the shortest side and knot it the same way. Repeat this on the other end of the bag! Voila!!! Your Bag is complete.

For my bag, I used hunter green taffeta fabric and I went with the 18" zipper and 5" wooden handles.

Im in love with the way it turned out and wouldn't change a thing.

Dress by me: McCalls Pattern #7946

Bag by me: Furoshiki Inspo

Shoes: Dr. Marten Sandals

I dont know about you but Im ready to make another!

Until next time!



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