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DIY Fall Wardrobe Series|McCalls Pattern 7099 Knit Jumpsuit

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hello Gems! I have a love hate relationship with jumpsuits. Don't get me wrong, there are some gorgeous jumpsuits out there and they make getting dresssed a little easier but going to the restroom in a jumper is quite a challenge. I mean who wants to have to take off there top in order to go to the bathroom. Feeling over exposed in a public restroom or your own is probably the worst but sometimes just getting out of the thing is just a hassle with zippers all down your back. You would have to be a contortionist or take a buddy in the restroom with you everytime you go. Whose up for that?? Not me!

But Im not here to discourage you from wearing, purchasing or making a jumpsuit. A jumper is not considered an essential piece in your wardrobe but the right jumper can add some versatility and cohesiveness to the pieces you already have. Im just simply implying in order to pick the right jumpsuit keep all of these things in mind. Although, I don't think you can find a way around getting completely undressed to go but, you can definately be aware of how you will get in and out of the piece when choosing the jumper.

Thats one reason I do love a jumper with elastic waist and a wrap bodice like Mccalls pattern 7099 for my Fall cohesive wardrobe. This jumper is super comfy and did I mention I love the wrap bodice construction. It is easy to wear and easy to make. This jumpsuit has so many style possibilities. Especially with the right accessories and pieces.

I used a comfortable lightweight fleece knit that I picked up from Walmart fabric bundles. Its so comfortable! Here I simply styled it with my head wrap and chunky sandals but I can't wait to mix it with other pieces from the Fall cohesive wardrobe series. Thats all for now!

Until next time!


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