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DIY Distressed Denim Skirt | MOOD Davillia Bodysuit

Hello Gems! If you have been following on instagram you probably already know about my Denim series! If not, its nots too late to follow along. We are just getting started and you don't want to miss this one.

For the next week or two I will be sharing my denim makes for the Fall, offering tips and showing you how I got the look. As we all may know, denim is a look that does not waver. Its always there and it goes with everything. The styles may change slightly but they usually comeback even better. But you all know!! Im not going to ramble on about how great denim is. Let's get into this look!

So I made a denim skirt! I've seen a lot of cute denim skirts for the season and realized I absolutely needed one in my closet. The pockets are everything so I went with Mimi G pattern for Simplicity #S8994. I finally got to cut into this pattern and I love it. Mimi G patterns have had the best fit for me with little to no size grading needed so when I go for bottoms a lot of the time I look for a Mimi G pattern first so I don't have to do much adjusting.

I wanted to make a longer skirt so I extended the length of the skirt pattern and made a split for the front. Also, I tend to make all my bottoms highwaisted if the pattern isn't already cut for it! It's just my personal preference. The pockets on this pattern give this skirt an edge. The original instructions did not call for snaps but I thought I would add snaps to the pocket flaps to pull in some of the gold accent you get from the topstitching.

Lastly, I love denim but I also think certain pieces of denim can stand for little love and distress. It adds more character. The skirt was nice before but the finishing details are everything.

*Quick Tip* I used sandpaper and sanded the middle front along the thigh area and front of pockets. I sanded until I got the look I wanted. Sanding your denim gives it that faded loved look. It also softens up the fabric a bit so the edges will fray a little easier so I also sanded along the edge of the fly so the fabric would fray . Of course you can't do one side with out the other. I only sanded the backside slightly so the seat of the skirt wouldn't look too worn in. We dont want that!

Im a fan of naturally frayed edges, you may notice with any of my past denim pants or skirts I would leave the hem natural so it will fray. Love that look! ❤

After all is done, Im absolutely in love with the outcome and Im currently planning my next denim skirt make.

I paired this skirt with the Davilla bodysuit Pattern by Mood. I love a good bodysuit. They go so well with high waisted bottoms and accentuates a curvy silohette. This was such a easy pattern to follow. I changed the neck closure from the original pattern instructions and added a few inches to the collar band to create a tie closure. The original back is cut out super low but I wanted to be able to wear a standard bra so I didn't cut my back out as deep. Its a great fit! If you havent tried out Patterns by Mood you are missing out! There are 100's of patterns over on Mood's site that are super stylish and FREE to download!!!

Just sayin...😉

Until Next Post!


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