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DIY Cropped Denim Jacket

Hello Gems! Lets talk denim! This third look in my Denim series features a cropped denim jacket and a A-lined denim skirt, creating a rather Boho chic look that I am loving! And YES its Fall and Im still rocking my DIY Furoshiki inspired bag! But lets discuss how this cropped jacket came to be.

Denim jackets come in so many shapes and sizes and I love a good classic denim jacket but, I wanted to make it fun and original yet still be able to rotate it around in my wardrobe with ease. So I went for a cropped option.

My denim went through a little transformation to create this jacket. Originally the fabric was a beautiful bright yellow, more suited for summer 💛, but that didnt stop me. I first bleached the denim and then dyed it olive green. I used Mimi G for Simplicity Pattern #8845 to construct the jacket, cutting the bodice pieces and sleeves shorter. I used a thrifted pair of jeans to create the bell sleeves. After finishing the jacket, leaving the jacket unhemmed, I threw it in the wash to fray the ends and clipped and cleaned them up a little.

As for the A-line skirt, I would like to say this piece was planned for this series but I actually created it over the summer and never got a chance to share. I believe it goes great with this look and transitions well into my Fall wardrobe. I used McCalls Pattern #8005 to create the skirt. It is another one of my favorite makes that I plan to repeat soon!

You can't go wrong with denim! Even reconstructed pieces can be cool so don't be afraid to recycle old denim jeans, jackets etc. And make something original and cool. You can dye, bleach, paint, embellish and make amazing pieces that never go out of style.

Until Next Make!

Marcia 💋

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