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DIY Athleisure | Mother & Son Birthday Shoot

Hello Gems! Today my son Cameron, aka “Bubby” turns Sixteen years old! And I decided to create a look inspired by him. I can’t believe its been 16 years since he was born. Now he towers over me at 6’4. This is one of those moments as a mom that I have to pinch back my tears! As I was saying, He is very laid back but loves to have a good time. He is also very athletic. The basketball caught his eye at the age of two and its been a wrap since then. Now he plays Varsity Basketball as a Sophomore at his school and we are very proud of him.

So I knew that for this look I would have to create something sporty! My style has never been too athletic but I “femmed” it up a bit. I don’t think thats a word, but let’s just roll with it…lol!

I did a little scrap busting on the cropped hoodie. I used some left over quilted stretch fabric and a solid black stretch knit that was left over from a previous project. Using Simplicity Pattern 8392, I only made a few alterations to personalize this piece. I added a puff sleeve, surprise, surprise and I made some changes to the hem of the sleeve. I cut the sleeve long and stopped stitching the arm seam about eight inches from the end. I turned the hem under to accommodate a string and threaded shoestrings through the hems to create the drawstring to manipulate as I chose. I can wear the hem open, pulled closed and even with the thumb through it. Love the versatility.

Although the dress was not made to be a set, I did make it as a compliment to the dress. I used New Look pattern 0189 to create the dress and altered the collar so that I could make it a turtleneck. This pattern unfortunately is out of print but I chose this pattern for the racerback detail. Racer backs are a very common detail in athletic wear and I knew it would add a sporty appeal to this dress. I finished the raw edges of the arm opening with binding and left slits on both sides of the dress at the seam. To add interest and contrast to this solid black dress I used a single white shoe string down the side front of the dress for detail. Oh yeah, and I also added pockets! 😁👍🏽

I love the way this piece came out! As an athleisure piece not much styling and accessories needed. I added a pair of my favorite sneakers, but I’m sure a pair of heels would take to outfit to a different level…just sayin! Another time and another occasion perhaps.

Nevertheless, I am so happy I could enjoy this shoot with my oldest son for his birthday. I wish you so much happiness and joy, Happy Birthday Bubs! Love Mom!



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