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Creating Intimate Wear Featuring Rubies Bras Kits

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

I think every woman can appreciate great fitting undergarments, and sometimes, perfect fitting ready-to-wear intimates can be hard to find. I have struggled to

find the perfect fit for quite a while and have considered creating my own bras to get that custom fit. Recently, I connected with Rubies bras and scheduled a custom fitting. They provided me with the information to choose the correct size and offered different options so that I get the best fit possible.

I created the Sahaara Bra kit in a solid black with the waistband option and four prong closure. This bra has cup seams, powernet lining, and topstitching, which adds lift and support.

The solid black bra gave me the most support and coverage, and its V neck style and silohette makes it a very attractive bra.

I chose the lace bra in beige as my second choice. I decided to use the picot elastic on the waist hem for this bra to see if it would offer the same support as the wider waistband. My previous fitting yielded a size 32 J bra, so more supportive bras are definitely what I prefer. The picot elastic did not offer the support that the wider waistband did for me. With the lace bra I used the netting as the facing for the inner V using the written instructions. I believe the next time I will try using the foldover elastic here because I love the lift and extra support it provided with the solid black bra.

These kits were pretty easy to assemble. I used the Sahaara Bra kit video tutorial and the written instructions interchangeably for both views. Everything needed for the making of these bras were provided in the kits, which always takes the guesswork out of the project.

Love the way they turned out, and I feel more confident going into my next undergarment project after completing these kits.

Until Next Time!

Marcia 💋

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