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Bustier Trends and How to Wear Them

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Ive created my share of bustiers in the last year since the style re-enter fashion. And I must say I still can't get enough of a good bustier look. Its a good thing that this trend is still going strong. We've even seen several looks come down the runway for Fall 22' which is a good sign that its not going away anytime soon.

When it comes to styling the bustier there are so many endless options. If you are looking for something casual to incorporate into your everyday, when you want to be comfy but stylish, choose styles in casual fabrics like denim, cottons even some knits. You can style them with fitted t-shirts, and button down shirts for a casual chic vibe.

Bustiers in leather, lace, chiffons and mesh lingerie fabrics are a little more elegant and , they tend to elevate your look more. However, thats not to say you can't dress them down and give then a street chic appeal also. With these styles there are no set rules. You have to play around with the look to see what speaks to you.

If you are creating a bustier for your self make sure you explore the many designs that are available. Not every bustier style is for everyone and there are lots of choices. Some have boning and padding and some do not. I find that the boning and padding offer more support and if you are heavier up top you may want to opt for a little more suport. My favorite go-to pattern is Daria Patterns Rose Cafe Bustier. It offers larger bust sizes and options for boning and cup padding.

Whether your look is DIY or RTW (Ready To Wear), as with many garment pieces, fabric, fit and style is what will make this piece work for you. So if you have been looking to get into this trend. Try different styles, fabrics and looks til you find the cut and style that works best for you and rock the hell out of it Boo! 😘

Marcia 💋

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