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Baby It's Cold Outside DIY Puffer Coat

Hello Gems! It's getting cold out side, time to beef up the outerwear. My coat of choice is a Puffer Coat. In leopard print of course!😉 It has everyday practicality, its super warm and cozy and with so many chic styles available you can just about wear them with anything from casual to dressy!

So before I get into how I constructed this coat let me just say, Ive been sewing for quite a while and I've never constructed a Puffer Coat and I'm not a quilter. So although the construction of this coat may take a little skill, you don't have to be an expert.

I used Simplicity Pattern #S9052 as pattern blocks to help me construct this pattern. I knew I would need extra room to make up for the stuffing that would be used so, I cut the largest size for the bodice front and back pieces. The arm was cut wide instead of tapering down to the wrist. You will need extra room in the arm pattern pieces also. I also cut insulation lining, a single layer of Poly-fil quilting batting and not to forget the lining for the inside of the coat. In all, there are four layers plus stuffing in this coat! If that doesn't keep you warm through the winter, Im not sure what will! 😁

For the collar I used the hood block to draft a large enough collar. In addition, I created a flap to back the zipper and a front flap that was intended for snaps, but I decided I didn't want snaps at the last minute. Who knows, maybe I will add them later...I mean I have the flap installed already. Just sayin...😁

I also added welted pockets on this coat which I would say was easier to accomplish on this puff coat than on some blazers that I have made. I assumed the construction would give me trouble due to the thickness of the coat, but not so much! They actually turned out great! Having knowledge of the basic construction of a welt pocket helped with drafting and placing the pockets. I would say the welt pockets, on this particular coat, was my biggest accomplishment in this project. However, that may be due to the fact I went into it expecting the worst!! In the end I'm glad I went with the welt pockets. I love the look it lends with this coat, especially with the diagonal quilted lines in the fabric.

Speaking of the fabric, this fabric was a bargain at $2/yard at Hobby Lobby. I saw it and knew right away what it was going to be. This fabric spoke to me!!! I actually chose the fabric before knowing exactly how I was going to construct the jacket! I just knew it was going to be a Puffer Coat, the construction would come together because I just had to make it happen.

Construction for this jacket took longer than expected because I had no idea how long of a zipper I would need and when I did figure it out, I realized I had to purchase one online and wait for its arrival. So I would have had this jacket completed within two days but it sat staring at me for about a week waiting for its zipper, which is not usually how I construct my projects. I like to start and finish instead, of work on projects over time. I am just not that patient!😔😁

Needless to say, I love the way it turned out. I do plan to make another very soon and share it with you guys via video tutorial !! Stay tuned, the Puff stuff continues....

Until Next Time!

Marcia 💋

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