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DIY The Row Ascot Velvet Bag

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Hello Gems! Fall is officially here and Ive been so inspired by the season, I decided to share another DIY Furoshiki Inspired bag with you. Are you familiar with

It's an adorable chic little mini bag that you may have seen gracing the runways this past season or on the arms of some of your favorite style gurus. Well, this bag retails at almost $1,000 and I've been obsessed with the cutie every since I laid eyes on it 😍 ! So in true Keechii B fashion (no pun intended), I made it and I want to share it with you my version of this beautiful bag.

I created two of these bags already, one in a slightly bigger option.

Heres what you will need...


1. Half yard of fabric 56-60 width preferably (velvet, satin, taffeta, corduroy,suede) I used upholstery Velvet!

- 25 x 22 cut for bag

- 4 / 3 × 24 strips cut for handles

2. Lining 25 x 22 in similar color

3. Elastic 1/4 wide, 13" long

4. matching thread

5. scissors ✂️

6. Sewing machine

7. * Optional closure - snap or ribbon ties

Note: For larger bag, I cut handles 2 × 30 and I cut fabric and lining 27 x 22


1. Take one 3 x 24 strip of fabric for handles and fold in half long way with right sides facing. Pin.

2. Stitch long sides and around short side coming to a point creating a arrow point. (See pic below)

3. Turn right side out press or smooth out edges based on what type fabric you are using.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for remaining strips. Set aside.

5. Place your 25 x 22 fabric piece wrong side up and longest side ( 25" side) horizontal on surface.

Position end of elastic in the center of the long edge about 2 inches from the selvage (see photo below). Stretch and pin 📌 elastic down the middle until you reach the opposite center edge.

6. Stitch using a zig zag stitch.

7. Turn fabric over right side facing, elastic vertical down the middle. Grab your handle strip and pin one at each corner selvage to selvage about 3/8 from the corners. Pin. Baste.

* Optional ribbon closure: If you choose ribbon closure for your bag this is a good time to apply your ribbon. Pin and baste one 12 - 15 inch piece of coordinating ribbon end to selvage in the middle of each long side of the fabric where the ends of the elastic stop.*

8. Place fabric and lining right sides facing. Pin stretching rouched sides to fit.

9. Stitch. Leave about a 4 inch opening on the shorter side (22") for turning inside out.

10. Turn bag inside out through 4" opening. Press or smooth edges.

*Optional snap closure: If you choose to apply snaps, you can do so through the 4" closure applying one side of snap on the lining side of the bag in the middle of each long side of the fabric where the ends of the elastic stop.*

11. Slip stitch the 4" opening.

12. Take one handle at a time and create a knot at the base of the handle. Leave enough of the handle free so you can tie another knot.

13. Repeat for remaining handles.

14. With long side horizontal on surface and elastic rouched vertical. Tie two handles together on the long side into a knot. Repeat for remaining side of bag.

14. Slipstitch sides in stopping about 1" from base of knot. Repeat for other side. (This is to insure yur belongings dont fall out of the sides of your bag.)

15. You can tuck sides in and fluff and adjust to get the desired shape of your bag if needed.

You are done! 😘💋

Im absolutely in love with how these two came out! You can check out how I styles them below.

Dress: Made by Me

Bag: Made by me

Shoes: Asos

Blazer: Thrifted

Belt: Thrifted

Dress: Made by me

Until Next time!


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